Accidental Interest Books
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Accidental Interest Books (AIB) is a MICRO-scale publisher.
We publish intuitively following interests, our own and those of others.
AIB was established in the end of 2019 and has publish their first titles in 2020.
Someone once said:
This publishing house is dedicated to the absurd, the coincidental and the surprising.
Despite the greatest possible effort in concept and design,
they negate a comprehensive publishing strategy through their small print runs.
AIB happily serves the niche.
Accidental Interest Books will pick up speed in the coming months and work on (at least) two new publications!
Select titles are available at San Serriffe (Amsterdam), rile* books (Brussles), Kunsthalle Basel (Basel), She said (Berlin), Motto (Berlin) (trying to get out!), Labyrinth (Basel), Paranoia (Zurich) and Hopscotch Reading Room (Berlin).
Titles published so far:
AIB 001 / 002
Symbolic Messages / 5 Billion Wodka Bottles to the Moon
AIB 003
Säulen & Kanonen
for Christina Scheib
AIB 004
California 1986/87
AIB 005
Hyper Vol. 1
by Jonas Grünwald
AIB 006
Do Monkeys Know That They Remember?
AIB 008
hexen flexen
with Jana Furrer, Mona Mayer und Louisa Raspé
AIB 008
Making Something From Some Things
by Lizzy Ellbrück
AIB 010
Crow Gifts
AIB 011 / APitW 001
Living like Weasels (Reprint)
AIB 012
with Mona Mayer
AIB 014
Bedside Readings
with Julius Bläser

Slightly outdated list of interests:
alien writing, the Double Book, SETI, greek collumns, impossible nostalgia, Jamaican idioms, cigarette-pack-sized books, text inside text, texts talking to each other, the Prefered Peanut, long distance comunication, internet archeology, HTML fragments, Forenkultur, real life ligatures, symbolic ligatures, marginal text, dialogic writing, publishing images, making images three-dimensional, making drawings three-dimmensional, parallel time, looping time, streambait pop
AIB is run by [Moritz Appich], Bruno Jacoby & Johanna Schäfer. Interventions by Christina Scheib and Jonas Grünwald.